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Little PNK
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About Little Pnk

Littlepnk® is the kids fashion brand of PNK casual®

“We started to work on Little PNK clothes for our girls, because they wanted something just like Mommy’s. Today we are happy to deliver our collection to all those who want their kids to look cute and be fashionable anytime, anywhere.” - PNK Casual Team

We do beautiful clothes for your little ones. Every Little PNK item contains a mix of Fashion, Passion and Love!

We specialize in fashion for girls and boys, 0 to 12 years.

With more than 12 years of continuous experience on the Romanian fashion market, We are committed to the values that positioned PNK Casual as an appreciated women fashion brand, based on a modern and classy approach to design, always aligned to the latest trends. We favor the quality of materials and the products made in our own factory since 2002 are always manufactured with extra care.

Little PNK collection is available online www.littlepnk.com and in PNK Casual shop network.